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Product Outsourcing

We are sourcing products off-the-shelf or custom made

We have global sourcing teams in India who scour the markets and trade shows to find the best sources for your non-print product.

Our clients like the hassle-free nature of being able to buy through a single, local source of supply that takes care of all their needs. Our teams on the ground will visit the factory to ensure quality expectations are met, product safety requirements for the destination country are followed and the whole project is delivered on time.

Whether it’s a standalone product or part of a package – if it’s out there, we can find it!

What can we source?

We first got into product sourcing as the publishing industry moved towards ‘books plus’ and we found ourselves being asked all sorts of unusual questions – can we include a candle with this book? Do you know anyone who can put a calculator on my book cover?

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